I believe in the power of driven, rebellious, and slightly-yet-pleasantly deranged creative people. I work with idealists who are often skeptical and pragmatic, dreamers who are frustrated that the world just isn't better already (what is taking so long, seriously?), and people who have an ambivalent relationship to their desire for money, power, and glory.

I work with client service entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creative professionals--including artists, writers, producers, designers, and activists.

Yep, I have short hair Right now.  Photo courtesy of    J   en Rachid.

Yep, I have short hair Right now.
Photo courtesy of
Jen Rachid.


I coach creative rebels to make the most of their time, energy, and talent--to get their work out into the world in a sustainable way--because we all know how to hustle and burn out for very little return, and who wants more of that in their lives? It's not just about being more productive, although, you will be more productive. (Did that sound vaguely menacing?) I want you to be more productive on your own terms.

If you're the kind of human who both loves other humans and identifies with lone wolves and feral cats, then you're in the right place.  

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How I work

I teach clients how to work with themselves, instead of against themselves. I work with perfectionists (who swear they aren't), rebels (who swear their authority problems are only present when the authority in question is being dumb), and overachievers (who swear they're nothing special but secretly wonder why everyone else is so slow).

I took everything I know about how creative people's brains work and made them a system for getting stuff done called Structured Freedom. It works really well if you have a million ideas, if you have (diagnosed or undiagnosed) attention issues, and/or if your follow-through isn't the greatest. 

I'm not supposed to say this (number one rule of client based services on the internet is to focus on the tangible results only), but (I love breaking rules and) a huge part of what I help clients do is learn how to better navigate this human experience, which can be frequently bewildering, overwhelming, and confusing for highly sensitive, ruthlessly practical, creative people with a lot of feelings and limited attention spans. Sound familiar?

The official story:

I completed the Martha Beck Life Coach Training program in 2012 (and got certified in early 2013), where I was trained with tools from the worlds of positive psychology, thought work, personal development, and mind-body approaches practices to help anyone, anywhere, at any time, know what they want and how to get it. And I get to share them with you. I have worked with The Creative Executive, a Austin-based company that works with creative organizations and leaders, since 2013. 

Before that, I spent almost ten years working for the non-profit University of Virginia Women’s Center, as a program coordinator, event planner, fundraiser, and Associate Editor of Iris Magazine. I spent the last five of those years interviewing and writing about incredible women, learning their secrets of resilience and success and sharing them with younger women who wanted to live a life of joy instead of crippling perfectionism.

I have a M.A. in English Literature from the University of Virginia, where I focused on gender and queer theory. I can read between your lines, craft the perfect metaphor for your current situation, and help you see your stories for what they really are. It also means I know the good, the bad, and the ugly about grad school. 

In short, I have over a decade of experience cultivating effective and meaningful change for individuals, organizations, and communities, using the power of story, practical tools of change, and insight that makes you go "how did you know?!"  

Still want to know more?

I'm from Virginia, but have lived all over, most notably Italy, where I still spend some time occasionally on my partner's archaeological dig. (This makes me sound fancy, but the reality is living in a sparsely furnished room with intermittent hot water access.) I love television, mouthy women, TV about mouthy women, learning new things, and dark humor. I constantly strive to be an agent and ally of change and social justice, both in small, individual ways and larger, systemic ones. I have opinions! So many opinions! And then sometimes I just get sick of having opinions and want to listen to people much smarter than I am talk forever. 

I live in Austin TX, which keeps me well-supplied in my basics: queso, sunshine, and talented people.  

What are your basics? Get in touch and let me know!