Special Free Birthday Offer: Your Year in Review


So you say it’s your birthday?

Well happy birthday to you!

I love birthdays. They have always been special to me. Among other things, they represent such a great opportunity to think about your past year and plan for your future year–a kind of “where have I been and where am I going” thing.

I wanted to do something to celebrate birthdays, so I decided that I will give away “Year in Review” sessions with me, for free, if it’s your birthday. Consider it my gift to you.  No strings attached, no obligations to work with me ever again, just a free session to chart out your next year of world domination (or celebration, or at least world participation).

All you have to do is sign up below.

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The fine print: Obviously limited to one per year. And scheduling will be dependent on what my calendar looks like–it’s probably a good idea to schedule about three to four weeks ahead if you want this session to be scheduled on your actual birthday as part of a special treat yourself day. Sessions need to be scheduled within 6 weeks (before or after) your birthday. I reserve the right to refuse or rescind any offers to any clients that turn out to be internet creeps or trolls.