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Want to get some of my goodness on your side? It’s easy! There are a couple of ways to work with me. Email me or visit my booking page to schedule a free strategy call, where we will talk about where you are, where you want to be, and how you can close that gap.

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1-on-1 coaching:

Individual sessions are an hour-long and during that time I focus 150% of my energy on YOU YOU YOU–whatever problems or decisions you’re facing, wherever you’re feeling stuck, whatever sucks. During that time, I use all my major mojo (tools, insight, attention) to hone in on your patterns, help you figure out which ones are serving you and which ones are holding you back, and then get rid of what’s standing in your way. I don’t do shoulds, have-tos, or even advice. Instead, together, we’ll discover brilliant and practical ways to get you where your inner visionary truly (happily, easily) wants you to be. We’ll focus on the present and the future, not the past. Regardless of what you come to me for, I believe that everything in our lives flows directly from our patterns of thinking, being, and doing. This is the secret that visionaries know: change your patterns and you’ll change your world. It’s simple, not necessarily easy, but I promise it’s possible. And the results are amazing.

You’ll come away from each session feeling clearer, more tapped into your inner visionary, and farther along your path to greatness.

Sessions are typically over the phone or Skype, unless you’d like to meet in person, which we can arrange if possible.