Some things I loved this week, from the internet.

*Susan Miller’s November forecasts are up! Mercury is in retrograde for a while still, so hold tight. Otherwise, November’s looking good!

*I know this video is over a year old, but it’s so good–when my friend Meg shared it on facebook, I told her that I think it wins the internet. It’s an amazing response to the vitriol that is ever-present in youtube and anywhere else on the internet, by Isabel Fay and Tom Hopgood. It’s also really catchy–I caught myself singing, “How will we know, if you don’t tell us: we could improve our youtube channels by fucking off and dying?” in the shower yesterday.

*Have you ever wanted to buy a big piece of land with your friends and all live there? Michelle Nujhuis is a science journalist who has worked for National Geographic (among other publications) and she married into this very arrangement. She wrote a really insightful piece about isolation and living in the middle of nowhereness. It turns out, it’s totally doable until you’re the only ones left and then it gets kind of lonely.

*The lovely ladies over at Clementine Daily, inspired by two women, Kjersten Gruys and Autumn Whitefield-Madrano, invite you to try a mirror -free week. It’s an interesting idea–you skip looking at a mirror for a full week and see what effect it has on your day to day life, your creativity, your self-esteem. It reminds me of another exercise, where you look in the mirror for 20 minutes until you’re undone.

*There were other things I loved this week, that were not on the internet–my favorite being the little girl who eyed my pineapple (I was chopping pineapple when she rang the door bell, so I went to the door with it) when grabbing a candy bar during trick or treating. I offered her one (after asking her mom if it was okay) and she was so excited.

Have a safe and spooky weekend!