“I started working with Lauren at a time when I had long given up on my “creative visionary” dream. After going through some tough challenges in life, I had been crippled with self-doubt, anxiety and fears about every aspect of my everyday life, let alone feel comfortable enough to even contemplate chasing after a dream which felt, at that point, like a laughable fantasy. When I entered into our coaching sessions, I thought the time would be worth it if I could walk away with less pain and confusion about everything. In fact, if you’d asked me if I felt like “a creative visionary”, I would have probably laughed in your face and shook my head vigorously. Little did I know that, in the next six weeks, I would move to a different continent, dramatically re-configure my self-image and witness the first unfoldings of my dream through a series of truly improbable, magical events. I’ve learned how to interact with myself as I never have before, and I speak as someone who studies and works with self-awareness for a living. The intensity of joy and open-heartedness and possibility I have access to now blows me away on a daily basis.
To say that Lauren’s work is ‘magic’ is not a metaphor or an exaggeration or a dramatization. There’s no other word I can use to describe what happened to me while we worked together.

I hope other people whose life could also be magic-ified by Lauren’s coaching don’t turn away because of self-doubt and anxiety around the word ‘creative visionary’ (like, “I don’t think I am one!”) But if there is the tiniest part of you, the softest whisper in you that has thirsted for any kind of creative opening up of life, Lauren WILL bring you magic in ways that will blow your mind.” Simone S.

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“A journey with Lauren is equal measure profound personal insight and inspired action, delivered with warmth, compassion and wit (and maybe just a sprinkling of southern charm). Her ability to cut to the heart of the matter, whatever the issue you lay before her, is truly astonishing. She plays as a partner, encouraging you to find your own answers, with that gentle but astute guidance that is so rare.” Mary Ellen Staley

“Lauren talks with me in a way that immediately puts me at ease. She has a playful energy about her that is contagious, yet she asks the tough questions to get me in the right place.  She has a wisdom about her that fills me with a sense of calm and a wicked sense of humor. I can’t think of a better combination.” Susie Shubert, Your Real Life Coach

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“When I lost my job unexpectedly earlier this year, Lauren helped me think about finding a job in ways that didn’t make me want to die. This meant that I not only began to understand the difference between a failed opportunity and ME being a failure, but also had small and manageable steps to achieve. Eventually, I understood that I didn’t have to do everything immediately to feel like I was doing something, but rather I just needed to do something that put me on the right road.” Sarah K.

“Lauren Russo is one of the jewels in this world. I have worked with her for many, many years in a lot of different capacities—all creative. We have worked together to develop a strategic plan and a magazine and ways to help young women and older women connect. And that is just what we have done. I have hired Lauren on numerous occasions to help me with my work as a novelist and nonfiction writer. She has helped me organize my thoughts and she has helped me organize my marketing and my business. What is always amazing to me is that, when we are done, I have not just a way forward but an ARTFUL way forward. And I mean one that has beautiful colors. And I mean one that works beautifully.

I can’t say enough about the beauties of working with Lauren. She has added immeasurably to my creative life. ” Virginia Moran

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