There are lots of things I could link to here today, but there are only two things I think you must read this week.

One is Ariel Levy’s heartbreaking work of staggering genius (take notes, Eggers), “Thanksgiving in Mongolia.” (A note: If you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or have a little one, I would wait on reading this.)

The other is something Anne Lamott posted about ten minutes ago, and in it, she basically answers all the questions we have, the big ones anyways, in something that takes mere minutes to read. You know, like she do.

“So are you out there, shaking your head with amazement, smiling about the earth’s wild sweet beauty? That is the bigger picture. That is the meaning: wonder, presence, immediacy, being HERE.”

Okay fine, you want more:

Bach in a Japanese forest.

Jessica Chastain in Vogue as the greatest paintings. (Though I would love these even more if it were just regular people.)

Two videos about Rome, specifically the Gianicolo and the American Academy–my old haunts. They make me Rome-sick (that’s homesick for Rome).

Have a great weekend!