There are tons of conversations about creativity and creative work on the internet–here’s a list of ones that I found particularly inspiring, intriguing, inciting, and sometimes infuriating this week.

*First, did you know there’s a lunar eclipse tonight? If you’re into astrology, Susan Miller has a good guide for dealing with eclipses. According to her, lunar eclipses “usually mark endings or culmination points.” Even if you don’t believe in astrology, it’s cool to know that a lunar eclipse is always a full moon–which explains why I’ve been waking up, wide awake, in the middle of the night this week (we sleep with our shades up, so the moonlight wakes us up). I myself tend to be a grazer of the astrology buffet, as in I take what I like and ignore what I don’t, but I always find Susan Miller’s horoscopes to be illuminating.

*The amazing Tara Gentile is doing a free-if-you-watch-live class on Creative Live this weekend, on “The Art of Selling What You Make.” I’ve been dipping in and out of today’s live class and it’s all really good–for makers and non-making creatives alike. And it’s free if you watch it live! It’s on all day tomorrow (Saturday, October 19th) and you can find it here.

*Just in time for Halloween season, Mastin Kipp, of the Daily Love, asks the question “What if your darkest moments are the path to your greatest joy?” But seriously, embracing the darkness jokes aside, according to Kipp, “we have westernized spirituality to such a degree that we’ve placed ‘chasing Enlightenment’ ahead of allowing ourselves to feel.” This is something clients and I talk about a lot–the point of deep personal development is not to avoid pain or sadness all the time, it’s to know and honor your true feelings, which are going to run the gamut. Creative work requires that you are touch with the range of human feelings, the dark and the light. This is a good place to start.

*A wow-inducing video of Sam Jinks, a sculptor, showcasing his incredible work while he explains his process and his creative history. I couldn’t believe that I was looking at something that wasn’t a photograph until the I saw the ones with fox heads. 

*It’s always interesting to me to see how writers talk about luck, inspiration, and creative power.  This Guardian piece on newly minted literary star and winner of the Man Booker Prize, Eleanor Catton, covers a lot of good stuff, but my favorite part is when she talks about luck and women writers, saying, “In my experience, and that of a lot of other women writers, all of the questions coming at them from interviewers tend to be about how lucky they are to be where they are – about luck and identity and how the idea struck them.

*I love advice columns, when they’re good (Ask Polly aka Heather Havrilesky always gives good advice), and this week we get two really right-on, hell-yeah advice columns that are ostensibly about dating and fashion, respectively, but are actually both about embracing passion, ditching the half-assed guilt, and going for it. Both, basically, demand, in the words of Charles Bukowski: “Stop insisting on clearing your head. Clear your fucking heart instead.” Amen.

I’ll leave you with that.

Have a lovely weekend.