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Thanksgiving: Now is the time for whole-assed gratitude

Hello, my wishbone, We usually talk about gratitude this time of year. Fun fact: I just figured out that I have been doing gratitude half-assedly for most of my life. Here’s an example: It’s been getting colder, even in Texas, and we’ve been too sluggish…

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The final & only list about happy people you’ll ever need to read. AKA “What the #@%&$ is wrong with me, now?!”

So, on the facebook, everyone has that friend, that friend that posts maddeningly positive and upbeat links–you know the ones, the photos of butterflies with a quote about becoming your true self, the lists of habits and secrets of happy people, successful people, enlightened people–with…

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30 Things I’m Grateful For

My 30th birthday was last week. It was an amazing day–I got everything I wanted out of it and more. So, in celebration, I’m sharing 30 Things I’m Crazy Grateful For (+ 1 Surprise for you!)   Now, onto the gratitude: My family/friends/people. They are the…

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